Our Services

Services offered by member providers fall into three general categories: any individual who finds themselves in need of transportation, community organizations, and social groups requiring a charter service.


RTA member provider services can be booked by any individual who is in need of transportation, be it for meetings, appointments, social outings, groceries, shopping, etc. Some providers also have long-term booking options for those in need of daily transportation to attend, for example, school or work. Rates, booking policies and services offered vary by provider.

RTA providers help family members with special mobility needs who might be prevented from accessing other methods of transportation. Members also have rate structures that make the service attractive to the elderly and financially disadvantaged.

Door-to-door service gives clients peace of mind, knowing they will have a ride to and from their destination, wherever it may be, safe and sound. 

Services offered by RTA member providers help your loved ones live a more independent and socially rewarding life.

Community Organizations

Community organizations can take advantage of the RTA network to arrange transportation for clients that may not have the ability to access services or attend events.

Government departments such as Community Services and Health and Wellness, as well as local clubs and more, can use member providers in your living area – or even in an area you are visiting – to get you where you need to go with door-to-door service.

Group Charters

Group transportation is also available from some of our member providers. As policies differ from provider to provider, please check individual web sites for any information on booking ahead for charter services.

Charter services can help take your team to the game, your family to the wedding venue, or any other social group to where you need to go, all together.

Q: I need an attendant; can they travel with me?
A: Yes, attendants can travel with the passenger free of charge. Just make sure you tell the dispatcher when you book that you will have an attendant with you.

Q: Will the driver wait for me?
A: We ensure you get home safely; the driver will either wait for you or will return to pick you up at the agreed time, depending on the arrangements you have made.

Q: How much will it cost and how do I pay?
A: Each organization has its own fee scale due to variability of funding sources. Contact your local provider for details.

Q: How are the RTA member organizations funded?
A: RTA organizations are supported in part by the Community Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP) or the Nova Scotia Transit Research Incentive Program (NS-TRIP) of the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage. On average CTAP funding provides around one third of the combined yearly budgets of our members. Donations are an integral part of member organizations overall operating budgets. Member providers also rely on partnerships with municipalities, local businesses, health care groups, fundraising and fares.