The Rural Transportation Association (RTA) exists to provide a forum in which information and support specific to community-based transportation can be easily shared among members, with our communities, with other organizations, and with government. It provides for a consistent, strong and united approach to the direction and needs of rural transportation in Nova Scotia, where populations are small and distances are great.

RTA is a non-profit society registered with the NS Registry of Joint Stock Companies and is governed by a Board of Directors which operates under By-Laws adopted in open meeting by its membership.

Membership in RTA is extended to organizations committed to providing affordable door-to-door transportation services on a pre-booked basis in rural communities of Nova Scotia. Members will be recipients of or applicants for funding to the Community Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP), administered by the Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage. Transportation services provided by member organizations will be based on a non-profit business model.

RTA makes available to its members the ideas, methods and solutions discovered and created by its members, and documents best practices from other organizations. It seeks advice and expertise from other individuals and organizations in Nova Scotia and throughout Canada. It serves as a conduit for information between government agencies and our membership. It is an organization which increases knowledge of rural, door-to-door, community-based transportation, contributes to common standards and policies, and articulates the views of members in a single, clear voice.

RTA represents the solution to an essential requirement in rural Nova Scotia, namely transportation, which is both an expression and product of the rural communities its members serve.