About Us

The Rural Transportation Association (RTA) exists to provide a forum in which information and support specific to community-based transportation can be easily shared among members, with our communities, with other organizations, and with government. It provides for a consistent, strong and united approach to the direction and needs of rural transportation in Nova Scotia, where populations are small and distances are great.

RTA is a non-profit society registered with the NS Registry of Joint Stock Companies and is governed by a Board of Directors which operates under By-Laws adopted in open meeting by its membership.

Membership in RTA is extended to organizations committed to providing affordable door-to-door transportation services on a pre-booked basis in rural communities of Nova Scotia. Members will be recipients of or applicants for funding to the Community Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP), administered by the Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage. Transportation services provided by member organizations will be based on a non-profit business model.

RTA makes available to its members the ideas, methods and solutions discovered and created by its members, and documents best practices from other organizations. It seeks advice and expertise from other individuals and organizations in Nova Scotia and throughout Canada. It serves as a conduit for information between government agencies and our membership. It is an organization which increases knowledge of rural, door-to-door, community-based transportation, contributes to common standards and policies, and articulates the views of members in a single, clear voice.

RTA represents the solution to an essential requirement in rural Nova Scotia, namely transportation, which is both an expression and product of the rural communities its members serve.

The beginning of the Rural Transportation Association in Nova Scotia came about in 1996 when Transport de Clare Society began providing non-profit, community-based rural transportation.

In 2001, the Community Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP) and the Accessible Transportation Assistance Program (ATAP) were set up by Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations to help provide transportation needed for rural areas, as well as other specifically rural needs.

 The Rural Transportation Association officially formed in 2011 with eleven member organizations.

Since 2011, the Rural Transportation Association has grown to 19 community transit organizations across the province. We continue to work with our communities and government partners to work on best practices to ensure everyone can get where they need to go!

The Rural Transportation Association is a provincial wide body that provides information and a network of community based organizations that are on-the-ground, door-to-door accessible ride providers.

Our members are based throughout the province and provide services to their communities in rural areas that have a real need for it.

The RTA is a registered non-profit organization that helps support our members and spread the word about accessible transportation.

Feedback and best practices are shared through our network to help create the best possible experiences for our riders and member organizations.

Accessible transportation is not just for those that need accommodations because of mental or physical disabilities but can also help those that are transportationally challenged in that they may not have the means or opportunity to use other transportation options.

The current executive

Susan Taylor
[email protected]
Amber Carrigan
Vice Chair
Helen Sims
Madonna van Vonderen

Our members consist of one representative from each organization

Trans County Transportation Society
Nicole Hackenschmidt
[email protected]
Antigonish Community Transit Society
Madonna van Vonderen
[email protected]
Chester Community Wheels
Michele Haddal
[email protected]
Marielle Bourgeois
[email protected]
Colchester Transportation Cooperative Ltd
Susan Taylor
[email protected]
Cumberland County Transportation Services
Helen Sims
[email protected]
Digby and Clare
Transport de Clare Society
Paul Lombard
[email protected]
East Hants
East Hants & Area Community Rider
Tanya Burke
[email protected]
Eastern Shore (HRM)
MusGo Rider
Jessie Greenough
[email protected]
Eskasoni Transit Service
Neut Gould
[email protected]
Transit Association of Guysborough
Brent Lundrigan
[email protected]
Inverness and Richmond
Strait Area Transit Cooperative
Amber Carrigan
[email protected]
Kings County
Kings Point-to-Point
Faye Brown
[email protected]
Lunenburg County
Lunenburg County Wheels
Daron Lantz
[email protected]
CHAD Transit
Danny MacGillivray
[email protected]
Queens County Transit
Donna Croft
[email protected]
Sou’West Nova Transit Association
Renata Tweedy
[email protected]
St Margaret’s Bay
Kalyn Breen
[email protected]
Victoria Country Transit
Amber Carrigan
[email protected]
West Hants
West Hants Dial-a-Ride
Nancy McKinley
[email protected]
HOPE dial-a-ride
Gordie Thompson
[email protected]
Annapolis: Trans County Transportation Society
Antigonish: Antigonish Community Transit Society
Chester: Chester Community Wheels
Chéticamp: L’Acabie
Colchester: Colchester Transportation Cooperative Ltd
Cumberland: Cumberland County Transportation Services
Digby and Clare: Transport de Clare Society
East Hants: East Hants & Area Community Rider
Eastern Shore (HRM): MusGo Rider
Eskasoni: Eskasoni Transit Service
Guysborough: Transit Association of Guysborough
Inverness and Richmond: Strait Area Transit Cooperative
Kings County: Kings Point-to-Point
Lunenburg County: Lunenburg County Wheels
Pictou: CHAD Transit
Queens: Queens County Transit
Shelburne: Sou’West Nova Transit Association
Victoria: Victoria Country Transit
West Hants: West Hants Dial-a-Ride
Yarmouth: HOPE dial-a-ride