Kings Point-to-Point Transit Society

Serving King’s County


 Direct 902-681-2846

 14 Aberdeen Street, PO Box 114, Kentville, NS  B4N 3V9


A fleet of 8 vehicles, 2 accessible minibuses available for group trip, 4 accessible vans and 2 passenger minivans. Available to transport anywhere in Nova Scotia. Also available on weekends and early evenings.

Bookings to be made 2 business days in advance during office hours Monday to Friday 8:30 -4:30.

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About Kings Point to Point

Kings Point to Point, a charitable organization, provides accessible, door to door transportationservices for all Central & Eastern Kings County residents. We service anyone in need of transportation, including seniors and those with disabilities.

Trips may be for any reason including medical/hospital appointments, work/school, shopping, errands or simply for a social outing, helping people to lead healthy and happy lives.

Our Stories

While taxis did solve the problem of transportation, they got quite expensive to use on a regular basis. When I found KPPT it was the perfect solution: point-to-point transportation at a considerably lower cost. I’m quite pleased with the service. We mainly use KPPT to get our children to and from day care, but we use them for different trips and appointments as well. The drivers are friendly and always willing to help

Kelly July 30, 2012

Until about a year ago, I had always done my own driving, however after my stroke that all had to change. Having KPPT for transportation has been wonderful. Each driver is friendly, helpful, and keeps my safety a priority. With doctor’s appointments, physiotherapy, shopping, and social visits, KPPT makes it possible for me to get out once in a while!

Mary July 30, 2012

I have ALS and am in a wheelchair. I had noticed the bright blue vehicles on the road and had worked at VON, so I knew of KPPT. Transportation had become nearly impossible for me so six months ago I finally decided to give them a call. Now I’m able to get out more, whether to the mall, a medical appointment, or even to my daughter’s wedding. The staff is pleasant, prompt, and polite, I’ve been very satisfied with the service. My only regret is that I didn’t call sooner!

Kathleen July 30, 2012

In June 2010 I purchased a membership with KPPT for my mother. My mother had always been an active, vibrant woman involved in her family and her community. Unfortunately, she suffered two strokes in September 2009 and was moved into a wonderful nursing home, the first time we used KPPT’s services.

I had two cars, yet I had no way of moving my mother about. I couldn’t lift her in and out of her chair and in and out of the car. But the KPPT people were always there. They were prompt, polite, and considerate.

KPPT’s services are vital because it returns some quality of life to wheelchair bound people. Just because you’re confined to a wheelchair, why shouldn’t you be able to go to a grocery store or have your hair done or go to a restaurant for lunch?

Alan June 20, 2012

After my husband’s stroke he was in a wheelchair and we couldn’t use our car for him. The only option besides the ambulance was KPPT. Since then, we’ve received nothing but satisfactory service with KPPT. My husband is able to live at home and get to medical appointments and physiotherapy. Without KPPT’s transportation service, none of this would be possible with his wheelchair.

Overall, we are very impressed and have had a very positive experience. They’re very punctual, cheerful, helpful, and are great drivers. The staff in charge of bookings is helpful and understanding as well. They have been great and they are a really important factor to us maintaining our independence.

Suzanne and Hubert June 22, 2012

I lost my eyesight almost overnight, and KPPT was a lifesaver because I could no longer drive. I had appointments to go to and no way to get to them. I am a retired VON nurse and that’s how I heard about and got onto the service right away. I thought it was just for appointments but they do so much more. My experience has been very good, the vehicles are always clean and the drivers are very helpful. It is an excellent service.

Pauline June 20, 2012

They’re wonderful and they’re always here when they say they will be, we never have to worry. Their service is important because it gives us freedom. We use KPPT for church, visiting, going out for a meal, or going to Halifax for appointments. We had always been free to do things so it wasn’t easy when we had to give up driving. With KPPT it’s wonderful to be able to come and go. If we have anything lined up we call KPPT. It’s a very reasonable rate and people appreciate it. We’re so satisfied with KPPT; it’s exactly what we wanted.

The drivers are lovely people, very helpful, friendly, courteous, efficient, and always on time. It is a wonderful service and one of the best things I have come across. We appreciate everything KPPT has done.

Reverend and Mrs. Ruth June 6, 2012

It is not only those who use the service whose lives are improved by accessible transportation, but also the lives of family members. After KPPT started transporting my mother to Berwick for dialysis three times each week, my quality of life improved substantially.

Rarely are we aware of the frustration, isolation, and worries associated with limited mobility. While KPPT can’t provide transportation to address all these issues, to the extent that the service does get people to appointments, and perhaps adds a bit of independence to their lives, it is an incalculable resource for the residents of our Towns and the County of Kings

Sincere thanks to the drivers, the Managers and the Board, and the Municipalities that fund this crucial service.

Linda February 21, 2011