East Hants Community Rider (EHCR)

Serving East Hants


 Direct 902-883-4716

 The Nova Centre, 224 Highway 214, Suite 101A, Elmsdale, NS, B2S 1J7


Public door-to-door service
Wheelchair accessible
Bilingual dispatch and drivers
Assistance with groceries and parcels (“door-through-door” service)
Medical trips are top priority
Charter and Institutional contract rates by arrangement.
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About East Hants Community Rider

The East Hants Community Rider (EHCR) is a project of the East Hants Community Learning Association (EHCLA). We are a registered non-profit charitable organization committed to providing safe, affordable accessible transportation.

The East Hants Community Rider (EHCR) service was originally set up to address one of the biggest barriers to accessing education and to be able to provide transportation to adult learners to get to class. Following the success of this venture, the service has grown exponentially and helps many residents of East Hants of all ages overcome transportation barriers in many aspects of their lives.  It is very easy and cost effective to join the service.

The EHCR helps its clients get to medical appointments, job interviews, education classes and skills training, grocery shopping, personal errands, social events, gathering with friends and family, sporting and after school activities. Social isolation is a real and growing problem in rural areas, and can lead to increased mental health issues.  Transportation to services and social activities helps people remain engaged in their community.  We operate a fleet of 4 vehicles, two that are wheelchair accessible plus we are supported by a group of 10 committed and trained volunteers who utilize their personal vehicles.

This service is open to everyone who faces a transportation challenge whether that is on a daily basis or just occasionally. Call us to join 902-883-4716 and see if we can help you?

Our Stories

EHCR works in close connection with 3 local nursing homes where we transport their residents to medical appointments, social activities and family events. Most recently we took a wonderful lady and regular traveller with us to a concert at the Rebecca Cohen Auditorium in Halifax to see her favourite singer. At Christmas and holidays we take many of the residents to visit their families and enable them to spend time with the ones that they love.

Holiday transportation EHCR

EHCR is a crucial lifeline to 15 adults who attend the Corridor Community Option for Adults Workshop in Enfield. EHCR transports these employees to work and back 5 days a week from often very rural locations. Many of these individuals need accessible transportation and without our service would not be able to attend the workshop.

Corridor Community Option for Adults EHCR

Julie is a single mum with no transportation; she has been an adult learner for the last couple of years and has recently successfully completed her high school certificate. Julie moved into our area because she knew that there was a transportation services that could help her get to school and back. Transportation is a huge barrier for people wanting to return to school. Obtaining this academic certification is huge for Julie and has enabled her to take further steps towards employment and independence for both herself and her children.

Julie EHCR

Jane is a retired teacher who doesn’t drive anymore because her eyesight is poor and Jane’s husband sadly passed away a few months ago. All Jane’s family live in Alberta and most of her friends have moved away or are in the same position as Jane. Jane lives in a rural location, 30km from her doctor and services and since her husband died she cannot get to her medical appointments, purchase her groceries, do her errands or visit her friends without difficulty or the kindness of her neighbours. Jane doesn’t want to have to keep asking her neighbours for help, so she doesn’t eat properly, doesn’t go to the doctors as often as she should and feels very isolated and often depressed.

This is where your free time and good will can help Jane and many more people like her lead a healthy, independent, and active life.

Your help can be a lifeline to someone who needs transportation to make life accessible!