CHAD Transit (Central Highlands Association of the Disabled)

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 980 East River Road, New Glasgow, NS
Wheelchair accessible Charter services
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About CHAD Transit

CHAD Transit is a critical part of the non-profit community in Pictou County. We help the disabled, seniors, and anyone else who is transportationally disadvantaged. These people are taken to hospital appointments, work, grocery store, or wherever else they are required to go to lead a healthy and happy life.

CHAD Transits vision is helping people access our community. Our mission is increasing community access through safe, reliable door to door on demand service. CHAD Transits values are those of respect, safety, compassion, customer-centered, inclusive and community partnerships.

CHAD Transit makes well over 30,000 one way trips annually, covering at least 215,000 kilometers of driving, all of which is done for residents of Pictou County. Without CHAD Transit, the quality of life for our clients would be severely diminished.

CHAD Transit is funded by municipal governments, provincial government, fare revenue and general contributions. With this funding, CHAD Transit operates on a shoestring budget that is watched and managed very closely. Each source of funding is critical to the ongoing sustainability of CHAD Transit.

Our Stories

CHAD is an excellent service. The drivers are very good dealing with my son. The dispatch is willing to help whenever possible and always quickly responds to my messages. The staff are all extremely easy to get along with and pleasant. We feel safe putting our boy on the bus. The fare rate is very reasonable. CHAD helps our son lead a better life.

Joe Father of physically disabled son

CHAD Bus is a marvellous service with very polite and courteous drivers who will even help carry groceries into my house. The dispatch does everything possible to fit me into their busy schedule. The buses are always clean and feel very safe to drive in. Overall, it is a much needed service that I, and Pictou County, couldn’t do without. I would be housebound without CHAD.

Jean in Trenton Physically disabled, living in Trenton

Having use of the CHAD bus to get back and forth to dialysis is like a god send to my family. It allows other members of my family the freedom to do their own chores and look after other family affairs. We do not have the financial resources for other means of transportation. The drivers are always very prompt, help open doors and very friendly. The fare is more than reasonable and very much appreciated.

Jim, Senior from Westville Requires three trips a week to dialysis in Pictou

Since there is no public transportation in Pictou County I rely heavily on CHAD Transit for all my hospital and medical appointments. Without CHAD Transit, I could not afford to make it to these appointments which are critical to my ongoing health. I, and all of PIctou County, are blessed to have CHAD Transit as part of our community.

Jim in Pictou Senior Living in Pictou