How We Can Help

Our member organizations can provide safe, door-to-door transportation for residents who have a temporary or more permanent barrier to transportation.

We assist citizens who are unable to drive due to temporary vision impairment (cataracts, eye surgery, etc) or mobility impairments (broken leg or arm, post surgical restriction on driving), who  will use our services to access the necessary medical treatments and follow-ups.   We also help riders who may not wish to drive in the winter or into more urban areas.

Many riders use our services on a long-term and ongoing basis.  Nova Scotia has a growing senior population and many wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible.  Transportation to get groceries, pick up prescriptions, attend the local card club or exercise group, see their doctor, or visit with family members can be an essential element to a quality of life  and remaining in their community.

Families also use our services for their family members who live in senior’s residences or long-term care facilities.  Our services have ensured that grandparents and parents have attended weddings, graduations, holiday gatherings and birthday celebrations.