About Us

The Rural Transportation Association provides transportation services for citizens of rural Nova Scotia.

  • Community-based:  Get a ride to appointments, grocery stores, family and community events, job interviews – wherever you need to go.
  • Pre-booked:  Please call at least one business day in advance and we will get you there on time.
  • Door-to-Door:  Our drivers pride themselves on ensuring your safety by making sure you are in the door at your destination.
  • Accessible:  We provide fully accessible services for our passengers.

Priority is placed on services for persons with disabilities, seniors, and those with transportation barriers.

In 2013-2014 our fourteen member organizations provided 120,044* passenger trips, logging 1.7 million kilometres*, providing service to 75% of the rural communities of Nova Scotia.  The RTA also provides support to the projects working to develop and enhance community transportation in areas not yet served.

Our member organizations are supported in part by the Community Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP) and/or the Nova Scotia Transit Research Incentive Program (NS-TRIP) and rely on partnerships with municipalities, local businesses, health care groups, fund raising and fares to deliver service.  Many of our organizations also rely on the generosity of the volunteers that donate hours to ensuring our passengers get where they need to go.

The Nova Scotia Positive Aging Strategy and the Nova Scotia Poverty Strategy are but two studies that show the significant impact transportation can have on social, economic and well-being on a community, especially an aging one.


* based on actuals to Dec 2013 and estimates to March 2014


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